Terms & Conditions


The “owner” is the company (Acland Plant Hire ltd)

The “Hirer” is the customer, company, firm or person, corporation or public authority taking the “owners” plant on hire.

“Plant” covers all classes of plant, machinery, equipment and accessories which the “owner” agrees to hire to the “hirer”.

Including plant they own or have cross hired.

  • Machines are hired under C.P.A model conditions in conjunction with the following:
  • Delivery notes to be signed by an authorised person on delivery. If this is not possible we will take it that when ordering the
    machine that you have checked our hire conditions and you have agreed to abide by them.
  • Insurance of all self-drive hired “plant” & equipment is the responsibility of the “hirer”‘ your responsibility does not stop when you
    phone your off hire through it’s your responsibility until the “plant” & Equipment has been collected by Acland Plant Hire from site or
    returned to Acland Plant Hires yard.
  • Any damage to the “plant” will be charged if the “plant” has to be withdrawn from hire, the hire rate will continue until the “plant” is
    repaired or settlement of replacement value is received in full.
  • Retrieval of “plant” from: wet ground, steep slopes, sea and accident damage etc. will be charged to the “hirer”.
  • It is the “hirers” responsibility to check and maintain oil, water and fuel levels and tyre pressures, and grease the machine, please inform
    us on delivery if the grease gun is not present on the machine at the time of the delivery.
  • “Plant” requiring Adblue – it is the hirers responsibility to keep levels up and if Adblue is required this must be of a good quality and
    clean. Adblue can be purchased from Acland Plant Hire’s yard if necessary.
  • Punctures & tyre damage to “plant” on self-drive will be the responsibility of the “hirer” to get repaired or replaced.
  • Punctures and tyre damage on operated plant are the “hirers” responsibility to get repaired, we the “owner” will continue to charge
    the machine & operator hour whilst this is being done.
  • On operated plant it is the “hirers” responsibility to locate, expose + protect any services, structures etc. above and below the ground
    level before excavation can begin, no responsibility will be accepted by the “Owner”.
  • Off hires of “plant” needs to be phoned into the office before the hire is finished in order to obtain an off hire number. We do not take
    advance verbal off hires at the time of booking, as we waste too much lorry time going to collect machinery which has not been finished with.
  • All advice is given for guidance only, no responsibility or legal liability will be accepted by us it is the responsibility of the “hirers” to
    accept or reject or check the validity from other sources.
  • All weights and dimensions either quoted or obtained from our web page are for guidance only and are as accurate as possible but no
    guarantee can be offered regarding their accuracy.
  • Access to “plant” needs to be made possible at all reasonable times for us, or our fitters to check, carry our repairs or exchange “plant” etc.
  • Self-drive “plant” hire can be charged on a daily or weekly basis and is based on a 10 hour working day during a 24 hour period. Hire
    period for weekly self-drive is based on 50 hours per week, which can be spread over 7 days, extra hours will be charged for. If the hire
    exceeds a week it will be based on additional weeks or additional days being charged at a percentage of the weekly rate (e.g. 1 extra
    day = .20% of the weekly rate).
  • On self-drive hire, “plant” is to remain on the site address given to us, or that we have delivered to, we are to be notified if the “plant”
    is to be moved to a different location.
  • Terms 28 days from invoice date or if the first hire we will require payment in advance, accounts not used within the last 6 months will
    be asked for the payment in advance also. Accounts overdue will be charged at 2% per month or part of.
  • If debts/invoices are not paid we will instruct a solicitor and/or debt collector and all costs occurred will be added to your debt.
  • We request that you the “hirer” or representative should be available on delivery and collection whilst delivery and collections of “plant”
    are being carried out, No responsibility will be accepted by us for any surfaces being travelled over or what is on or under them when
    getting in and out of the site, it is up to the “hirer” to protect and clear these areas. Our driver will be working for you under your
    instruction and guidance, should you the “hirer” not be in attendance upon delivery or collection then all the above conditions still apply.
  • Acland Plant Hires vehicles or vehicles hired in to Acland plant hire being instructed off the public highway do so at the “hirers” risk.
  • “Plant” is only to be operated by competent operators preferably C.P.C.S card holders or experienced operators with a responsible
    attitude to health & safety.
  • All “plant” is manually filled with fuel up into the filling pipe of the tank; we do not go by any gauges, as there can be a considerable
    difference between them. This needs to be the same when “plant” is returned into the yard, or the difference will be charged.
  • The “hirer” is responsible for the plant he hires, if he loans, does a favour or anything else he is still responsible, the machine when off
    hired will come back to our yard to be checked, it will not go from one hire to the next.
  • The “hirer” is to be indemnified fully and completely regards claims by anyone regarding injuries, death, loss, damage to property
    however caused and cost and charges arising from and in connection with the use of the “plant” whether or not arising under statute or
    common law or from negligence or breach of duty or wrongful act or omission of the “owner” or employees.
  • The “owner” shall not be liable for any consequential expenses. Liabilities losses claims or proceedings what so ever caused by or
    arising from late delivery, no delivery, unsuitability of “plant”, break downs or defect of “plant”.
  • Insurance: it is the “hires responsibility to insure all plant hired from Acland plant hire and 3rd party risk, a copy may be asked to be
    seen and photo copied for our records, we are to be informed immediately of any change in your insurance and if and when an incident
    occurs, if this does happen no admission of any liability for anything to be given.
  • If any conditions in law are deemed as invalid it will only invalidate that condition and all the others will still be valid.
  • No alterations or additions are to be made to the “plant” whether temporary or permanent.
  • The “hirer” sends the “plant” out in good condition it does not guarantee that it is the correct “plant” for the job.
  • If the “plant” develops a fault of any type it is the duty of the “hirer” to inform the “Owner” of this and a fitter will be sent as soon as
    possible to fix or arrange replacement item of “plant” as soon as possible.
  • The “hirer” shall not remove, deface or cover up the “owners” name plate or mark on the “plant” that it is his/hers property.
  • Sharpening of drills/steels etc.: the cost of re-sharpening shall be borne to the “hirer”.
  • Bristle/brush wear on self-drive: the wear will be charged to the “hirer”.
  • “Plant” returned from hire in an excessively dirty condition i.e., mud, concrete etc. will be charged extra for cleaning. We ask all “plant”
    to be returned in the condition it was sent out in.
  • Transport to and from site of “plant” is not inclusive in the hire rate, but is available if required, but is chargeable.
  • All prices quoted are in £ sterling and will be subject to vat at the current rate.
  • The “Owner” Reserves the right to cease the hire and retrieve the plant at any time should the “owner” have reason to.
  • Operated plant: hours signed for will are the hours charged.
  • Operated daily: hours charged will be inclusive of travelling to and from site.
  • Operated plant far more than a day: hours charged will be inclusive of travelling to and from site. On the first and last day.
  • All the above terms and conditions are not to be altered or over ridden by the “hirers” conditions in any way.