The original ‘Digger’, is ideal for a wide variety of jobs and is available with an operator or on self drive hire


Our new fleet of JCB 3CX Eco Contractor Advanced EasyControl machines have full servo controls (although we do have machines with stick controls available to hire as well) and come equipped with the latest JCB developments for operator ease. With new 109hp engine they have enhanced road speed for increased productivity, and all come with automatic Quick hitch. The machines have a max dig depth of 5.97m, and are 2.5m wide and 3.8m high. The loader has a max capacity of 1.2m and comes complete with fold-away forks. There is also a selection of attachments for the 3CX, such as hammers and planers.

For percolation tests, we can also offer an operated tractor and water bowser, plus plentiful source of clean water (see other plant tab) to go alongside the JCB 3CX to offer the complete package.

For further details, availability and price call 01872 560180.